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City of Mapleton, Minnesota
Curling Capital of Southern Minnesota

Community Fix-up Program

The Community Fix-up Program offers affordable payments with below market interest rates to qualifying households to make improvements to their home.

The Community Fix-up Program (CFUF) is funded by Minnesota Housing Finance Agency with loans administered by Minnesota Valley Action Council.

A household interested in obtaining a CFUF loan must meet certain requirements. You must own and occupy the property to be improved as your principle residence for six (6) months prior to the loan. If the property is owned through a Contract for Deed, the Contract for Deed Vendor must also sign the mortgage.

Income, affordability, equity and credit will be used to determine which program will work for the household.

Income Limit Maximum Loan Term Interest Rate
(Based on income, credit, equity, affordability)
Minimum & Maximum
Loan Amount
$90,000.00 20 Years Income Less than $35,000.00 is 8% $ 2,000.00 minimum
$35,000.00 maximum
$90,000.00 20 Years Income $35,000 & over is 9% $ 2,000.00 minimum
$35,000.00 maximum


Loan closing costs are 1% of your loan, with a $50.00 application processing fee, $95.00 title search, and $15.00 for flood certification. (These costs can be financed in the loan)

The Credit report cost is $15.00. It is not refundable and cannot be financed in the loan.

Recording fee costs are $92.00. All loans are secured, & recording fees can not be financed with the loan.

If you use any portion of your residence in a trade or business, you may not use more the 49% of the total area of the residence exclusively in that trade or business.

Eligible improvements are those that improve the basic livability or energy efficiency of the borrower’s home. Recreational facilities such as saunas and fireplaces are not eligible.

Budget education is required before & after the loan closing.

For more information, or to apply for a Community Fix-up loan, contact Sheila Ous at 345-2416.

Loans cannot be used for work already in progress

104 2nd Avenue SE, 507-524-3492