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City of Mapleton, Minnesota
Curling Capital of Southern Minnesota

Rehabilitation Loan Program (RLP)

  • The Rehabilitation Loan Program offers a deferred loan with no interest to qualifying households to make improvements to their home.
  • The applicant can borrow up to $15,000. ($20,000.00 for lead or accessibility improvements)
  • The loan accrues no interest.
  • The loan comes due in 30 years, or when the property is no longer, the applicants permanent address or the title has been transferred.
  • Minnesota Housing Finance Agency funds the Rehabilitation Loan with the loans administered by Minnesota Valley Action Council.
  • A household interested in obtaining an RLP Loan must meet certain requirements.
  • The applicant must own and occupy the property to be improved. If the property is owned through a contract for deed or life estate, the contract for deed holder or the life estate holder must sign the mortgage.
  • Applicants may need to contribute money to complete the household improvements.
  • Eligible improvements are those that improve basic livability for the home.

The table below shows the income limits to determine eligible for RLP.

Family Size Annual Income Family Size Annual Income
1 $16,500 5 $25,450
2 $18,850 6 $27,300
3 $21,200 7 $29,200
4 $23,550 8 $31,100


For more information, or to apply for the Rehabilitation Loan Program, contact Shelia Ous at 345-2416.

104 2nd Avenue SE, 507-524-3492