City of Mapleton, Minnesota 

Curling Capital of Southern Minnesota

Police Department

The Mapleton Police Department has 3 full-time officers and 3 part-time officers.  Feel free to contact us with any questions, anytime.

Full time Officers Include:  Chief Ben Honsey, 1st Assistant/Patrol/K-9 Officer Laramy Lawson, Patrol Officer Andrew Hagen

Part-time Patrol Officers include: Peter Kisling, Ryan Rands, Charlie Williams

Officer Emails: 


Top Ten Reasons the Mapleton police car might be seen outside the city limits!

Top Ten Reasons the Mapleton police car might be seen outside the city limits!


10.          Meet with a judge to have them sign a search warrant.

9.             Serve a search warrant on a financial institution.

8.            Pick up a completed/signed subpoena at the Blue Earth County Attorney's Office.

7.            To interview a victim or suspect.  (Not all victims and suspects live in Mapleton)

6.            To meet another law enforcement agency with an arrested person that has a warrant in their    jurisdiction. 

5.            To transport an arrested person to the Blue Earth County Jail.

4.            To meet with another law enforcement agency to exchange reports, documents, evidence,       equipment, etc.

3.            Continuing Education.  There is a required number of training hours per officers  to renew peace              officer license by State of Minnesota. 

2.            Assist other law enforcement agencies on a call for service including K-9 Assist.

1.            Paperwork and Evidence to the Blue Earth County Justice Center and sign criminal complaints in               the county attorneys office . 


(There may be other miscellaneous reasons)


Lock all vehicle and house doors and windows!  A very high percent of our thefts are from unlocked garages and vehicles.


Lock up your bicyles!

We have been having an abnormal amount of bicycle thefts.  We generally find the the stolen bicyle within a few days but not in all cases.  Please lock up and store your bicycle in a locked garage or shed. 


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