City of Mapleton, Minnesota 

Curling Capital of Southern Minnesota

Junked Motor Vehicle

The Mapleton Police Department wouldlike to remind all property owners of the Junked Motor Vehicle Ordinance and asked that they remove or repair their vehicle immediately.

The Mapleton Police Department has been and will continue to enforce the Junk Motor Vehicle Ordinance for the City of Mapleton.

Motor Vehicles must be in drivable condition and must have current unexpired state license plates.

Vehicles that are not drivable and or do not have current license plates must be stored in an enclosed building.

Vehicles that do not meet the requirements to the Mapleton Junked Motor Vehicle Ordinance will be towed, impounded and disposed of at the owner's expense.

For a complete copy of the city ordinance please contact city hall.

104 2nd Avenue SE, 507-524-3492